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5 Things You Don’t Know About Hungary

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There are some fascinating things you probably didn’t know, so here are a few things about the Eastern European country. We will let you in some of the most interesting facts about this cool country, even though you may know a few things already. From mummified kings to its fairy-tale architecture and enchanting history, Hungary possesses many secrets.

Before you go to Hungary, you ought to know that it is a brilliant destination as part of a backpacking trip, providing something a bit different from standard Western Europe. If you’re going to Hungary on your vacation, we are delighted to tell you that there are more than a thousand hot springs with 118 of them in Budapest. It has an enduring popularity due, mostly, to the famous landmarks and world-class wine.

There are 5 things you need to know before about Hungary and the capital, which is full of diverse entertainment and abundant historical attractions. With a slowly decreasing population, Hungary is a land where the horse is still revered, goulash is a soup and you shouldn’t clink your beer glass. You’ve come to the right place, as we’ve comprised a list further down in the article where you can read some general facts.

It’s a Beach Destination

Lake Balaton is so big that it provides the favourite destination for Hungarians, the city of Siófok is kind of a party spot and in the nearby town of Zamárdi, the annual Balaton Sound music festival takes place. With it’s almost 600 square kilometres, Lake Balaton is the largest one in Central and often referred to as the “Magyar tenger” (Hungarian Sea). Not an actual sea, the freshwater lake is an hour away of Budapest, and visitors can enjoy sailing and a dip in its waters. Being completely landlocked doesn’t mean that Hungary is an unlikely place for a beach holiday, and families with kids prefer the quiet northern side. Sunseekers have flocked to the nearby sulphur waters which are said to have medicinal qualities, curing aches.

The Capital is Made Up of Two Cities

On arriving at Budapest you will surely find out that it is that actually comprised of Buda, and Pest to the east. The bridge over the dividing Danube has a picturesque architecture, and the lights are that are turned off at midnight make it an attraction. Pest is entirely flat, whereas Buda is built among the hills, and they have been united along by this bridge that is beautifully lit up at night.

They Have Cowboys

Did you know that the ones who are called ‘csikós’ live to perform amazing horse shows on the Hungarian Plain?

They Have More Than 465 Medals

An interesting fact is that Hungary was banned from the games in 1920. Even so, it has won the second most gold medals in the Olympic summer games, winning in every Olympics they’ve competed in.

Their Last Name Comes First

Worldwide, only some Asian people do this as well. When people write their names they say “Nagy Gábor vagyok”, a formal way of introducing or presenting a name.





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